Road Cycle Racing – Be part of our peloton


The road has a place for every type of rider and being part of a team is where this is especially true.

No matter if you are a Rouleur, Climber, Sprinter or even Criterium specialist just having team mates around you while you tackle the usually fast paced and highly competitive event can be the difference between winning and losing. We believe that by training and racing together we will become a stronger and smarter team to be reckoned with.

As a British Cycling Affiliated Club, Mud Sweat n Gears have riders that compete in races covering all categories. We have riders regularly competing in Category 2, 3 and 4 road races lasting anywhere between 45 minutes to 3 hours. We also race in other local races of which are not run under the rules of British cycling, but by TLI (The League International).


We are usually actively racing from late January until the End of October. Training will take place on Sunday Mornings (all year around), and Tuesday nights nearer to race season (Please look at the events page for more details of when and where we will meet for our rides).


We also run our own events. In 2019 we plan to run a British cycling criterium series at the Weymouth Park and Ride site. This series was last run in 2017 and was a massive success with many commenting that this off road cycle racing venue was one of the favourites.

Regardless of experience or age if you want to race then we would love to hear from you. Get in touch by email, Facebook, or chatting to the shop directly on a visit.


Here are some useful links to learn more Road Racing

British Cycling - Road: Click here to find out more about road racing in British cycling organised events

TLI Cycling: Click here to find out more about road racing in TLI organised events.

Darren Orchard (MSnG's) leading the pack at the 2017 Park and Ride Series, Weymouth.

Graham Bailes at the front closely followed by Phillip Cole (both MSnGs) racing in the 5th TLI race at Moreton - 2018. Tom Carter (MSnGs in the background).

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