Mud, Sweat n Gears Cycle Club Rules (2018/19 season)

Mud, Sweat n Gears Cycle Club (MSnG’sCC) would like to detail certain expectations of any club members that will ensure correct etiquette and expectations of a cycling club is adhered to. Mud Sweat n Gears as a club is currently in operation without a board and can not at this time provide such normal club features as an AGM, however we hope this  will not be the case by the end of the 2019 season. All moneys paid for the membership will be used by the club to provide a range of opportunities to its members such as member only events and provision of the website. This club is run on a non-profit basis. The club is currently known as Mud, Sweat n Gears Cycle Club as this organisation is currently the leading sponsor, if for any reason this situation changes then the club name may change to reflect this.


Below is a list of rules that all club members should follow.

  1. To be a member of MSnG’sCC a cyclist will need to have paid the annual club membership fee via British Cycling, or be an honorary member awarded to people who have held management positions within the club.

  2. Club membership runs for one year from January 1st to December 31st of that same year. Privileges/0benefits of being a club member will be suspended if membership subscription fees are not renewed by March 1st of the year in which they have not been paid. Club benefits include any discounts, access to member only areas on any online areas and ability to race under the club name or using our club kit. Please see the membership page to

  3. All members of MSnG’sCC will be able to ride and race with the club jersey on if they are full members of the club at or before the date of their first event of the season.

  4. Club rides and riders. To partake in club rides, the cyclist will need to have club membership after the first two rides of which they attend. A non-member will be asked to join following the second ride with the club. The cyclist will be provided with a list of other local clubs that they could ride with if they do not wish to join MSnG’sCC after the second ride with the club.

  5. All club rides, races or other events are undertaken at the members own risk to injury and loss of equipment. It is good practice to ride with suitable cycle insurance at any time. The insurance should cover you against claims made against you and cover you as a person against loss or injury. A recommended insurance can be obtained through British cycling. There is no insurance provided by the club for any activities while being a member.

  6. When taking part in any club rides the rider should ensure that they have fully functional bicycle suitable for the ride, and a basic safety and repair kit. This is to include: A fully charged mobile phone, money or credit/debit card, energy foods and drink(s), puncture repair kit and suitable inflator (pump or CO2 type), tyre leavers, spare inner tube(s) with correct length valve, multi tool, personal ID card or driving licence. All riders are also to ensure they have the correct level of sun protection and cycle clothing for the environmental conditions to be encountered on each ride with the club. Riders will only be allowed to ride with the club if they have a suitable helmet that is damage free.

  7. When riding with the club it is important to let the group know of any medical problems that could be an issue while cycling that day. This is so we may be able to aid a medical professional if you are taken ill on a ride. No responsibility will be loaded onto the club or any of its members or management for the treatment of any illness or treatment outcomes. Riders will always ride at their own risk as stated in rule 5 of this list of rules.

  8. The use of social media. The club expects a club member to maintain a high level of consideration when posting on any social media platform. Any proven reports of posts that will negatively impact the club’s reputation in any way will lead to the dismissal of the rider from the club. No membership refund will be given in this case.

  9. Any member who’s actions risk the reputation of the club in the local, or wider community will have their membership considered for termination. If it is deemed by the management of the club that this is the case, then the membership will be cancelled and no refund given.

  10. This list can be added to or changed as required. Notice will be given to members as this occurs.

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