The Chaingang

Riding in a chainging (as seen above in our club video) for the first time can be a daunting experience for any rider. Being part of a club setup that can offer this on a regular occasion will allow riders to progress their ability to ride close to other cyclists in a peloton which in turn will build confidence and understanding of why we cyclists ride this way.

This kind of riding is some of the best experience you can get from joining a club. It is quite often said that lone riders, or those who use indoor trainers often, will lack the basic skills and reaction times to ride competently with other at speed. With a competent and confident set of riders around you it will not be long before you feel you are one of the peloton regulars.

In our faster paced training sessions/groups we plan to ride like this, but there is no need to worry if you have little experience of doing so – each of the groups have an experienced rider that are more than happy to assist all cyclists to learn how best to ride in this formation.

The changing rides will often split into two groups to cater for different abilities. More experienced riders will re-join a lesser experienced or slower paced group later in the ride. From here on in the two groups will ride back to base together. 

Come along and join in - its great fun!

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