CC Weymouth Club 10 Mile TT – 23rd March 2019

Race Report by Darren Orchard


Following the disappointment of both the open TT and then the following CC Club Weymouth 5 mile TT the week following we were finally treated to some good weather and a race.


Twelve riders took up the challenge of the first 10 mile TT of the season in what were actually quite good conditions for this time of year. With the sun peeping through the clouds and warm up complete, myself (Rider number 2) and Jonathan (Jonny) Cooper (Rider Number 3) lined up ready to start.


For the 2019 season I had turned Veteran – writing the age down as 40 brought it home to me that I was no longer as young as mental state continually thinks I am. But age is not such an issue in TT’s so I should be fine.


Lining up with the new Argon 18 E119tri bike which was supplied by Mud, Sweat n Gears CC I was fairly confident that today could be the day to pull of a personal best time and maybe even a win…? I had to beat a 22:17 on this course to get a PB.


The course is a simple out and back course where the half way point is the roundabout on the edge of Wool. The way out felt, well power wise rather flat. On the way back flat and a little tired (this could have a function of my three children keeping me up for the previous two nights though). I knew this was not going to be my day for increasing my power output over last year, but it would be a good chance to see what aero gains I get on my new bike.

Jonny was nervously competing in his first TT with more limited aero equipment. Lining up his relatively modest bike against some of the mega expensive other models on display was just the start of the concern. Couple that with full aero skin suits and even some that had undergone wind tunnel testing its clear to see why you could be anxious on your first outing in a new sport.


I managed to catch my minute marker within the first mile and jus put my head down. Not stopping to even wipe the snot off my face (yuk!) I just drilled the new bike onwards. Jonny also smashed his effort out on the day and was please with his overall effort.


The race results are as below


Overall I feel the bike did its job well for me. A new PB but without a win, only a 2nd place overall this time. Being short of my power output by 30 watts when compared with my performance last year ensured I was not happy with one’s self though. Jonny Cooper did very well and came in 4th on the day losing out by just 5 seconds to the third-place rider who, might I add, had some serious kit and was also well experienced at TT’s.

Next up for me is the MSnGs Park and Ride Crit on the 31st March. That will be a great exercise if not result on the day! Please all come down and support our guys in the race!

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